Turn off that electricity!!!

Yesterday afternoon and evening the electricity went off over all Northwest Portland.  I walked down to the busy intersection where I lived and watched traffic.  The streetlights were all off.  No horns were blowing, no cars crashing.  I was impressed by how polite everyone suddenly became and how quiet my neighborhood was.  The traffic was self-moderating.  Benjamen Franklin, who, invented the traffic lights had a lot of strange ideas, like everyone needing to show up on time.  He thought time was money, advocated tough love and a bunch of other nonsense.   He wrote many maxims to illustrate his philosophy, the most quoted one being “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”  Franklin’s autobiography was quoted a lot in the famous book by Max Webber The Spirit of Capitalism and the Protestant Work Ethic because it seemed so perfect an example of the ideology Webber was calling out.  Hard work is good, don’t get me wrong, but there are limits.  For example,  I live in a neighborhood where after work everyone comes home and sits in front of their computers and telivisions.  In South America, women go to bars at night with their babies and stay up late.   Bars are family affairs.  In Spain, after the family has dinner, they hit the streets for a drink and some discotecas don’t even open until sunrise.  There might be another reason, though, why everyone started being so relaxed and considerate when the electricity went off yesterday.  Our bodies were not fitted for the extreme amount of electric stimulation that is always present.  We cannot see electromagentic polution but it is present…increasingly so now with the advent of cell phones and wireless internet (so called “Wi FI”).  One of the first things I noticed was how RELAXED I felt.  I got out my candles, played the piano and had a blast.  The electricity should stay off!!  But then all our satalites would be out of commission and there would be bacteria in the water, someone might say.  Well, would that really be so bad.  Perhaps the least known cause of electromagnetic pollution is outside Fairbanks Alaska, the covert HAARP project which has as its sole purpose the goal of bouncing billions of watts of electricity off the ionosphere every single day.  Is is called an Ionospheric Heater and maybe doing more to contribute to global warming in a month than all the C2 ommsisions cars put out in ten years.  It has been speculated that HAARP, and other devises like it, around the world are involved in manipulation the weather. One thing is certain: Are bodies were not designed to withstand the stress brought about through so much exposure to electromagnetic waves.  Mozart wrote his music by candle-light.  Through simple changes, like watching less television and going out at night with friends, we can put more positive energy into the world.


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