Ganser and Chomsky: my email exchange with Chomsky

I’ve been quite impressed with the work of Dr. Daniele Ganser.  I’ve been blogging about him and included an interview.  Yesterday I emailed Noam Chomsky to ask if he was aware of Ganser’s work and what he thought of it.  This morning there was an email waiting in my box from Chomsky himself (the man we learn about in linguistics who coined the grammatically correct, yet nonsensical, sentence colorless green ideas sleep furiously.)   Chomsky has remained staunchly anti-conspiratorial after 9/11, even when credentialed people have come out in support of an alternative analysis.  For this reason, I suspected he might look less favorably on Ganser’s work.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive the email back from from Chomsky praising Ganser’s work.

Here is the email I sent:

Dear Mr. Chomsky,
Have you read Nato’s Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe by Swiss Historian Dr. Daniele Ganser?  If so, I would like to know what you think about
these stay-behind structures that subverted the politics from within.

Dr. Ganser is now teaching a class on 9/11 at Zurick University.  A related question would be why this man is so little known in the  United States, even in left-leaning

thank you for your time.


 The reply was: 

“I know Daniele Ganser’s work, and know him personally a little too.  The work is
outstanding and important, and he is a careful scholar who should be taken very
seriously.  Why is he so little known?  In the mainstream, because his conclusions do not
conform to preferred doctrine.  But the left should compensate for that, or at least try.
 I’ve cited him often in books, but that hasn’t made a dent.”



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